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Bespoke Cycling

Letsgovelo offer a variety of cycling tours and events, however with growing numbers of cyclists now looking for a truly unique experience that fits in with their timetable, desires and riding dreams, our Bespoke cycling service has become incredibly popular. Underpinned by our unrivalled knowledge, expertise and experience, which enable us to turn your dreams into a reality, the sky really is the limit, with us planning, organising and delivering the perfect bespoke cycling package for your group. Assigned a dedicated tour planner and guide from initial contact, we will work with you and your group to plan, organise and deliver:

Non-standard dates – a standard itinerary may not suit your needs we can accommodate any combination of tour length and arrival and departure dates to suit your group’s needs.

Non-standard travel timings and arrangements – our customers are busy people with time away from their family and work at a premium. We can accommodate late night or early morning flight arrivals /departures and split group travel.

Unique riding – you may have certain cols, a wider area that you wish to explore or a daily riding goal in mind. Our experts build incredible riding itineraries just for your group.

Accommodation – your tour is built around riding but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil yourself each night at hotel and spas that elevate your experience to the next level.

Food – the continent is famous for its incredible food. We can arrange for our own in-house private chef to accompany your tour or make reservations at Michelin starred restaurants that you will never forget.

Anything else – if you have any other requests or desires we will strive to accommodate them.

We hope the above wets your appetite for our Bespoke service and would love to help you plan your dream cycling experience. Please contact us by email at or by telephone at 07877526297.